Accelerating materials innovation

In November 2016, policymakers, business representatives, leading academics and policy analysts came together in Stockholm with the objective to examine the industrial and policy implications of possible changes in production over the next 10-15 years.

The video below includes a presentation (starting at 59:23) from Prof. Greg Olson of QuesTek who was invited to speak at the conference about how QuesTek is helping to accelerate materials innovation.



About the Smart Industry Conference

Vinnova and the OECD hosted The Smart Industry Conference and the Next Production Revolution in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2016, in order to present the findings of a two-year programme of OECD work examining the impacts and policy implications of emerging production technologies.

Ministers, policymakers and policy analysts participated in the conference, along with business representatives and leading academics, including Prof. Greg Olson of QuesTek.

The video above is from a panel discussion on New materials and Nanotechnologies and includes a presentation by Prof. Olson describing how QuesTek is accelerating materials innovation.

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