Materials by Design™

Accelerating the development and insertion of enabling materials

QuesTek - A global leader in Materials Design

QuesTek designs, invents and brings to market purpose-designed materials for products across diverse industries using the most advanced computational materials software available. Using our proven Materials by DesignTM methodology, we can dramatically increase efficiency in development while significantly improving product quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability for customers.

Let QuesTek help you improve your products with unique, superior materials.

With QuesTek, product designers, engineers and users can create or improve products using new, purpose-designed materials, rather than limit their designs and ideas to existing materials.

Boost your R&D efforts with QuesTek's materials modelling and design services

Make the most out of every R&D project by utilizing the full strength of materials modelling and simulations. QuesTek offers state-of-the-art modelling, simulation and materials design services to complement your in-house knowledge and expertise. Reap the benefits of a fully developed materials modelling and simulation infrastructure without the need for long-term investments.

Our experimentally validated tools and software can be readily applied to gain a deeper understanding of your unique material or process. Improve your product design with stronger, tougher or lighter materials. QuesTek offers computationally designed materials with unique combinations of properties that are not achieved by conventional alloys.

Learn more about our Materials by DesignTM methodology, what it means to work with QuesTek or contact us to discuss a project.

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