Empowering innovators by resolving materials challenges

Materials by Design™  accelerates the materials development and optimization cycles, from idea to product. Demonstrated to eliminate trial-and-error, leading to 50% reduction in time and 70% reduction in costs. 

Daido Steel: Partners in innovation through Materials by Design
QuesTek’s ICME approach has dramatically streamlined (our materials) investigations and changed the way we think about materials development
Mr. Shigeki Ueta, Deputy General Manager of Daido corporate R&D center
From CALPHAD to flight: Ferrium S53 enables $50M cost savings      
Ferrium S53 was developed with only five prototypes over a two-year period resulting in a development cost savings of approximately $50 million
DoD - DoE - EPA Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program Information Bulletin Number 15
Materials by DesignReplacing trial-and-error with systems-based engineering
... produce designed materials with more predictable behaviour. This approach can also reduce the time and cost of process scale-up and material qualification
Prof. G. B. Olson (Thermo-Calc professor of the Practice at MIT, QuesTek co-founder), Science (1997)
Norsk Titanium: Collaboration to enable industrialization of Ni-alloy wire additive manufacturing
Their (QuesTek's) modeling capability allows us to dramatically reduce the amount of traditional testing that would be required to develop the additive parameters and subsequent heat treatment
Nicholas Mayer, VP Product Development, Norsk Titanium

Reliable performance

Space, Aerospace and Defence

Enabling next-gen capacity by enhanced performance and reliability of flight-critical and mission-limiting components.


Automotive and Transport

Minimize costs and weight by optimized materials and processing solutions. 


Energy & Raw materials

Increase efficiency while reduce costs and environmental impact using superior materials for demanding applications.


Process industry & Manufacturing

Enhanced yield, reliability and sustainability of industrial processes. Accelerated uptake and upscaling of advanced manufacturing technologies



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Design of functionally graded materials for space applications
Advancing the state-of-the-art of multi-material 3D-printing
Enabling extreme temperature performance with functionally graded metal-ceramic material solutions
Developing nano-dispersoid strengthened materials for high-temperature applications

Work with QuesTek

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Reduction in materials development time & costs using Materials by Design™