Materials by Design™ and Integrated Materials Engineering (ICME)

QuesTek technologies

Combining a wide range of commercial and in-house developed software, databases and physics-based models with an in-depth understanding of materials science and a proven materials engineering methodology. 

State-of-the-art software & databases

Wide range of in-house and commercial computational and simulation tools for materials and processes

Alloys, ceramics, solidification, heat treatment, joining

Physics-based & predictive models

Validated material property, microstructure, and process models for a wide range of materials

Modelling across all relevant time- and length-scales

Know-how & engineering expertise

Team of experts in computational materials science, metallurgy and processing                   

Global network of recognized  scientists and engineers
Computational materials designCasting and forgingForming and machiningWelding and additive

Proven materials engineering technology

Hundreds of projects completed globally attests to the reliability of our Materials by Design™ technology, which ensures fast and reliable engineering decision-making from idea to product. 
Ferrium S53  was developed with only five prototypes over a two-year period resulting in a development cost savings of approximately $50 million.
DoD - DoE - EPA Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program Information Bulletin Number 15
Ten years ago, Apple made a decision…to build a dedicated alloy engineering team with a foundation in (QuesTek’s ) computational and systems alloy design.
Report on 2022 TMS conference plenary address Journal of Materials, June 2022

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